Log Storage

Bespoke indoor and outdoor log storage available, constructed to fit wherever required and to any specifications required.

Outdoor Log Storage
Below is an extra-large outdoor log storage shelter, 
designed to lean against the side of a house.  
The slated base and sides enable sufficient airflow 
to ensure the logs are seasoned and burn more
efficiently as a result.

Length: 2400mm
Depth: 650mm
Height: 1500mm

from £195
(store shown £295)

Indoor Log Storage
Built from reclaimed timber, these indoor log storage frames are a beautiful and unique alternative to the standard wicker basket.  Built to any specified size and shape to fit into any space in the home.  
Below is an example of the type of indoor log storage available.

Depth: 220mm
Width: 500mm
Height: 930mm

From £75
(store shown £95)